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We proudly introduce
Dynamic 500 slice cardiac CT

We introduce
Optima MR 450w GEM Suite product


We responsible for providing medical health care services to our patience

Health Package

We invite doctors to  work as consultants in our Hospitals.


To get right care, you need the right doctors the right hospitals. Find the Right doctor.

Who we are

Devi scans Pvt. Ltd was established in 1984 with the objective to provide excellent services in medical diagnostic fields, for the residents of Kerala. Over the years our constant endeavors have made Devi Scans the only diagnostic centre in Kerala.

We care you

Scanning with Lightning Speed is one of the Salient Features of our machines. It is state-of-the-art Sigma 1.5 T esla, High Speed MRI. The great advantage of this scanner is that scanning can be done with lightning speed, so fast and so easy and even in moving patients and with clear image quality.

At deviscans Pvt Ltd Kumarapuram, we aim to provide exceptional quality of care with latest technology. We focus on education, Health care and research. Always keeping abreast with new technologies and evidence based clinical practice.We also follow ethical practice that emphasize honesty, fairness, dignity and respect for the individual.

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